When the Brange Pharmacy opened in San Damiano d’Asti on July 9th, 1732, Italy was not yet united, and Garibaldi was born more than 100 years later. Since then many generations of pharmacists have worked behind the same walnut and marble counter, until the 8th of December, 1956 when its new owner, Dr. Carla Cerati, changed its name to Farmacia Cerati.

Since that date, the property of the pharmacy has remained with the same family, passing from mother to son, Dr. Aldo Zambonardi.

In a territory devoted to entrepreneurship and innovation, the historic pharmacy has expanded and changed its business, evolving to create a new company able to explore new markets and new activities.

In 2007 GHIGO was established, whose motto immediately became “Ulteriora Mirari, praesentia sequi” because the ambition towards the future can not be separated from the knowledge of the present.

We at GHIGO are constantly trying to improve and grow, taking advantage of the wealth of the experience from the Cerati Pharmacy and creating our own, resulting in years of analysis and work in the Italian and international pharmaceutical market.

In 2013, thanks to the inauguration of the new logistics office, we met and started collaborating with the best European partners, also adding value to other small local companies who entrusted us with the logistic management and commercial development of their business.

Since 2018, we have become a 360-degree company, able to supply any customer with high quality standards, from the small pharmacy to the largest international distributor. Our suppling companies and as well as our clients are very familiar with our skills, recognizing our role as a complete and reliable partner.

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